Making Homebuying Affordable

Making Homebuying Affordable

Choose from our real estate properties in and around El Paso, TX

You don't need to build a house from the ground up to live in the home of your dreams. Older properties can have all of the amenities and style of new construction. All it takes is a little work from the professionals. Leighton Towers LLC sells rehabbed homes in El Paso, TX and surrounding areas. Because we sell houses without an agent, we're able to work directly with you to draft a contract. That way, you'll know your interests are accounted for.

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You want a modern, beautiful home for less. You can get one when you turn to Leighton Towers for real estate properties in the El Paso, TX area. The homes we rehab may start out looking worn-down, but you won't be able to tell once we're finished. We bring everything up to modern standards, making cosmetic and practical changes along the way.

When you buy, we'll explain the details of our project so you can feel confident in your purchase. View our current real estate properties with us today.